You may listen to a rough recording of this piece here.  Hope all you hummingbirds out there enjoy. 😉

The wind you merge with
where others tilt, up-
And what it takes from you
it delivers to the world
When you fall apart you only spread your color
where others wilt
What dancing chiaroscuro’s daily lost
because we cannot handle change?

The sun you consume
Chloroform in print are my words
compared to whatever glorious process it is
that produces your quiet, humble energy
This process you have cultivated
this process I truly admire
this process I trust
The miracle is you
I would never presume to alter it

You stand in a field
Are you any more
to any other eyes
than one-of-many?
Just another batch of pedals
I am just another set of wings
but we are so much more

Through your light, others appear
through your soil, others grow
yes, yes
so much color, so much motion
What is this new world of which you are the center?
But, no…
what it this new world without its center?
I want to let it all in
No, no…
I, too, would like to build a wall!
No… no! What are walls!?
I know nothing of walls!
I know nothing of walls!

80 miles per hour
I am lost!
100 miles per hour
I am lost!
200 miles per hour
I am lost!
Faster, faster
I am turned
I am consumed
Faster, faster, faster!
I am just another set of wings
growing tired…
Never quitting!
Never tired!
I am more!
I am not a pair of wings with heart
I am a heart with wings!
I choose!
Eyes are open
my heartbeat?




she is

Can I slow to her pace now?
Can I slow to her pace now?
Her beautiful pace now?
Will she let me in again?
To suck
her sweet, assuring
in kisses
as only we were meant
to share them
Her wrinkled smile
appears through mine
her hopping laughter
echoes mine
Her life-blood
enters me
her tranquility
consumes me
No need
to buzz about
any other
just the one
who pulses
through the Earth and sky
and calls to me

I am in love with her rhythm
Will she let me rest with her?
Slow down with her?
And will she, too,
take flight with me?
Outside our little world
into distant atmospheres
through new winds and new suns
new rains and new soils
building our own history!
200 miles per hour!
I am a hummingbird!
You are my flower!


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