Aphorisms and Short Prose I


Poetry is not concerned with explaining, but with feeling.  It does not clarify through words, but through images — and even then its arrogance lies not in demystifying or democratizing, but in daring to express the incommunicable.  What is common is shared, yet cannot be shared: this is the poetic insight.  It is at once, and on all sides then, opposed to the positivist, the pragmatist, the politician.  Against also this post-modern shadow, which deals with irony in mocking as opposed to reverent tones, and whose laughter is but a tired, choking, death-bed relief, the poet stands young and wide-eyed and ready.

– – –


Where you see peace, I see the death of spirit.  And silence is to me impossible.

– – –


Is it not woman who is the sun, and man, at night — especially at night — a mere reflection of her glow?

– – –


(From a humorist’s dictionary) “Introvert”, n. — Since the personality test was first created, introverts have managed to consistently excuse themselves of their own inability to engage in necessary dialogue while simultaneously judging all other personalities as insensitive.

– – –


One man sees a fly and swats it.  Another shuts the window.  In short: the reactionary and the dialectician.

– – –


Subjectivism is as dangerous as it is unaware.

– – –


Contentment is born of a lack of will!  How much emptier then is the will-to-contentment!?

– – –


American culture is innocuously vulgar.  Its decadence the symptom of a tired (from what?), bored (of what?) populace.  Its harmless fires reach the eyes of some, clutching ever-tighter old values, while its dull, expressionless glow is celebrated by still more as freedom.  But who is there among our youth that men of strength ought fear?  They are too well-adjusted or too ill-behaved — and they grant the aging bastards a too comfortable death.  Everywhere you find a brave middle finger, pointed up, directed straight, and facing no one.

– – –


(From a misogynist’s dictionary) “Slut” n. — Any woman with low enough standards that she’ll have sex with anyone, but high enough standards that she won’t have sex with you.

– – –


Only those who can do are free to; and choice belongs to those who can afford it.

– – –


How is that a culture of open-mindedness and tolerance breeds utter aliens?  Aliens that are neither assimilable nor tolerable.

– – –


(From a drunkard’s dictionary) Aphorism: a piece of appetizing bait tied to a string tied to a stick.  Aphorist: one who holds the stick.  Reader: one who chases, expecting to catch.  Good reader: one who expects to chase.

– – –


(On “the arc of human progress”)  Long, to be sure.  Too long.  And not nearly inevitable enough.

– – –


Woman is a thing to be exploited when convenient for the personal and the political, but a thing to be supported cautiously when on her own two feet.  Woman is dangerous.  And what, then, is man?  Man is nothing!  Man is in the way!  Don’t you see, as I do, beyond him!?  Now is the time to see beyond much!

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