When you ask a writer to name his favorite cliché, he will undoubtedly hem and haw. Like asking a parent to name their favorite child, declaring unwavering support of one cliché over another will burden the writer with quite the emotional toll. The writer will mull this good ol’ stand-by over first, then chew on another — but sticking to just one would be like losing a limb. From the corner of his eye there will therefore emerge a third and, while he contemplates that unique possibility, you can bet a fourth will come strolling in, casually, like an easy tide, only to retreat again. Handicapped, the writer is left right where he started, in a state of mind completely bankrupt of original thought. To be sure, naming your favorite cliché is no easy task — rather, each is as indispensable as the next. After all, where would we be without cliché? God knows.


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