Bill and Hillary Clinton are fake. Bernie Sanders is for real.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have masked their illiberal stances on issues such as marijuana decriminalization, gay marriage, capital punishment, campaign finance, domestic spying, and foreign intervention with deceitful, liberal demagoguery. They both are quite comfortable assuming any liberal position, however, once the polls say they should. Hillary’s recent change of heart on gay marriage is one example of that.

It is well-documented that the Clintons are long-time prostitutes of the Saudi monarchy, the Chinese government, other foreign, undemocratic regimes, the too-big-to-fail banks such as Goldman Sachs, Wall Street crooks and pimps like Mark Rich, and incurable pedophiles and sexual deviants like Jeffrey Epstein — whose private jet, which Bill took many trips on, was, in-fact, named “Lolita Express”.

Bill used to pay $20,000 to golf at an all-white country club while Governor of Arkansas. He also interrupted his ’92 primary campaign to personally oversee the state execution of a mentally handicapped black man, whose death Clinton had signed off on himself. Imagine a Republican doing the above without the term “racist” being at least moderately employed. Not to mention the affairs with and abuses of women

Yet the Clintons had no problem slut-shaming the various young women that Bill either victimized in various ways or otherwise fooled around with, painting them as crazy, psycho, gold-diggers, stalkers, and so on. All the standard, sexist terms used to smear women who bring legitimate, sensitive complaints into a public setting. Kind, intelligent women like Monica Lewinsky and more who were taken advantage of — or worse — by a man with all the powers and privileges of the Oval Office.

Both Clintons enjoy irresponsibly toying in the affairs of other nations, or callously ignoring their cries, depending on what bodes better for their careers. In the middle of the Lewinsky scandal, Bill blew up Sudan’s largest pharmaceutical plant without consulting anyone, causing tens of thousands of deaths, with no intelligence ever emerging to support the post hoc justification that it was being used for weapons. He also failed to intervene soon enough in Bosnia, in part because Hillary insisted protecting Muslims from ethnic cleansing would distract the country from her health care plan. Hundreds of thousands were killed in the genocide before action was finally taken years later. The Clintons can be doves, after-all – or hawks. The guiding principle is self-interest.

Hillary voted for the Patriot Act multiple times. She lied about being under fire in Bosnia. She lied about Benghazi. She lied about the alleged genocidal situation in Libya to justify military action there. We will find out much more when the current FOIA lawsuit reveals thousands of her e-mails as Secretary of State, but for now we also know she advocated arming extremists in Syria while the White House’s official bullshit line was that the rebels were moderates. They were not moderates, and Clinton and the White House knew that, but armed them anyways, leading to the formation of what many in the west refer to as the “Islamic State”. The White House knew a “Salafist principality” might emerge as a result of their petty geopolitical gamesmanship, but they thought this, too, could prove useful.

Useful. Hillary Clinton is a member of the realpolitik club in foreign affairs – a calculus that, as demonstrated above, often involves a heavily weighted variable or two for her own ambitions. And realpolitik in foreign affairs is what we get when our electorate races to discuss “electability” and “strategy”, instead of principles and ideas, in domestic elections. We sacrifice ideals for what “works” on our own shores and then expect our politicians to engage the international scene with humanitarian intent. Both fronts are false pragmatisms run amok. You are begging your politicians to consider you every bit as disposable as they consider the lives of Middle Eastern women and men when you internalize the mindset of democracy, at home and abroad, as a sport for precious resources.

So I will hear none of this talk of how progressive the Clintons are. The space for that position disappeared long ago, and the American left knows it in its heart. All that is left is the domestic realpolitik: that trusty, status quo enforcing doctrine which states the former First Lady’s ascension to the American Presidency is, at any rate, inevitable, so we might as well get on with accepting it as desirable, too. Some even insist that, after all she’s done for us, an inauguration is the least we can do for her.

Well, give away your piddling vote and increasingly limited range of political action for such cheap prizes if you please, but don’t claim to do so in the name of progress. And don’t pretend it isn’t gutless defeatism. You say America is not ready for a revolution. I believe what you mean to say is that you are not ready for one. I am throwing my weight, all 135 pounds of it, and my words, which I hope weight a bit more than that, behind Bernie Sanders.


2 thoughts on “Bill and Hillary Clinton are fake. Bernie Sanders is for real.

  1. Josh Kern says:

    As usual, well said and thoroughly vetted. Unless Gary Johnson announces again (though I’m confident two campaigns were demoralizing enough) I’m coming out of my political booger hut to support Bernie Sanders as well. I think we’ve both developed a distaste for hyper-libertarianism from our exposure to its irradiated epicenter. Like NP, I see myself as a “bleeding heart libertarian”.

    1. Andrew Carroll says:

      Thanks. Yes, while I do like some of what Rand Paul says, Sanders is the candidate with the much longer track-record of taking it to big business, protecting civil liberties, and being less aggressive overseas. He is also a lot better on guns than one might think, which pleases me and should please the hyper-libertarian crowd. I think many Republican-registered libertarians would come to support him if given the opportunity in the general election. He speaks much more to middle America, regardless of party lines. “Bleeding heart libertarian” is a phrase I enjoy very much.

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