Bernie Sanders is right about “Open Borders” and the Koch brothers

Bernie Sanders is correct about open borders being a Koch proposal. That the far-left also wants open borders is regardless. It is a question of outcome, intent, and context. Different intents can pursue the same means if they believe the outcome will be in their favor. Depending on the context, both of them can be right at different times; but, for now, one of them just has to be wrong.

When destroying well-paying industry at home to chase cheap, unregulated labor abroad isn’t enough, you can let the cheap, unregulated labor come to you. In both instances, you play the working class against itself, and their consciousness becomes instead one of nationalism — another end-game of the far-right. The idea of international labor is dead if workers in one country are primarily concerned with protecting their piddling slice of the pie from poorer workers somewhere else. One mission of the corporate class is to profit financially from cheap labor while profiting politically from the xenophobia it produces.

It strikes me as a dangerous game, because, if the nationalism goes too far, it will produce protectionist policies, perhaps via a nationalist candidate or movement that, like a marionette, grows too big for its strings. Protectionism was the old weapon of choice before the corporate class went global. Companies no longer need borders to protect their profits — borders are in the way of profits — but workers, in an odd way, do need borders. An irony for me to study further; along with the essential question: how can borders be transcended in a way conducive to the happiness of the working class? Under a neoliberal economy, both nationalism and protectionism have to be shoved aside for talk of unity, deregulation, and the kind of globalization for the 1% that leftists do not like.

And then we come full circle. The far-left believes in globalization, as does the far-right, but they believe in it in different contexts, and want it at different times in the hopes it will achieve different things. So if someone on the left says they oppose open borders, do not confuse that for opposing the rights of immigrants to travel and work (though, don’t assume of them any sense of internationalism, either). In the ever-shifting dialectic of economies, the rights of immigrants to travel and work, without the necessary privileges and protections of the nation-state, are but rights to further exploitation, striding fully with the xenophobic paranoia the corporate class at once wishes to foment and control — distinctions I imagine they would start a war over.

The open borders of the left are ones which afford equal protection under the law. The open borders of the right look very, very different.


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