10 dirty ways the Clintons have played the race and gender cards to their advantage.

The Clintons have a long history of using racism and sexism in whatever way is convenient for their careers. They will play the cards both ways — as victim and as aggressor — depending on the desired effect.

Bernie Sanders has a 20-point lead over Clinton among young women, and he won the female vote in New Hampshire, eliminating all credibility for the ludicrous “Bernie Bro” myth. (Though, Bill Clinton is still out there spreading it.)

Scared, the Clinton camp feels they are entitled to your vote because you have ovaries. Madeleine Albright spouted this reactionary statement — which earned a hearty laugh from Clinton — and Gloria Steinem made an ugly, sexist remark on the Bill Maher show (which she is immediately retracting, to her credit, but the damage is done).

But this is nothing new from the Clintons or their surrogates.

Here are some dirty, dirty ways the Clintons have used race and gender in the past. Some say such dirt should never be discussed. But I believe a healthy democracy has many muckrakers. They reveal the dirt that is indecent to discus but somehow perfectly decent to vote for.

(1) Slut-shamed Monica Lewinsky, a kind, 22-year-old woman who was taken advantage of by one of the most powerful men on Earth. There is now a conversation at college campuses in America about professors dating students and the power imbalance inherent to that. Well, what about the President of the United States luring a young woman into the Oval Office, cheating on his wife with her, and later slandering the same young woman as a “stalker” when she opens her mouth about it? That’s the Clinton machine and it doesn’t play by any rules.

(2) Smeared Bill’s myriad victims as gold-diggers and bimbos. Along with “stalker” and the slut-shaming, the Clinton camp employed every standard, sexist slur that is used against women who bring sensitive accusations into a (very) public setting —  a setting where the man with the power of elected office, executive authority, and male privilege could have a vast political machine attack women who lacked all those advantages.

(3) Spread, and originated, the lie that Michelle Obama had used the word “whitey”, in order to make white liberals afraid of having a black president.

Long-time Clinton surrogate, Sidney Blumenthal, was responsible for both the “stalker” smearing of Lewisnky and the persistence of the “whitey” tape myth. The Obama administration understandably wanted him nowhere near the Oval Office when Obama accepted Clinton as his Secretary of State. But that didn’t stop Hillary from receiving private e-mails from Blumenthal, keeping him as a close assistant and adviser — directly against the Obama administration’s request. Many of the e-mails Blumenthal sent encouraged the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to remove Qaddafi from power in Libya.

(4) Obama actually confronted Hillary privately on the campaign trail in ’08 about her camp circulating e-mails calling Obama a Muslim. The Clintons apologized, but clearly Obama suspected foul play. And who could blame him when the Clintons also played the race card in other ways?

(5) All those nasty, race-baiting lies about the Obama family you remember from 2008 — including the rumor that Obama was a drug-dealer — Republicans didn’t start those, the Clintons did. The Clinton camp claimed it was merely cautioning that Obama might be called a drug-dealer by future, hypothetical Republicans. Interesting, because it was Hillary who, in the 90’s, called black kids “super predators” and said they needed to be “brought to heel.” So we are to believe she was genuinely concerned that those nasty Republicans might use racist, drug-obsessed scare-tactics on Obama, the same way her and her husband used racist, drug-obsessed scare-tactics to lock away more black youth than Ronald Reagan?

(6) Implied that Obama’s high support among black people was due to him being black. But now Hillary is entitled to the female vote because she’s a woman? When Obama won South Carolina in ’08, Bill dismissed it with racial over-tones, stating, “Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in ’84 and ’88.” In other words, so what if the black candidate won black votes? I think I can correctly use the word “ironic” here when we now know Hillary is counting on these same black votes to re-energize her campaign. If Hillary wins South Carolina, will her husband be so dismissive of it?

(7) Bill stopped his ’92 primary mid-campaign and left New Hampshire to personally oversee the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, a mentally handicapped black man who the state of Arkansas had to stab with the needle for 50 minutes while he moaned in pain before finding a vein that worked. I wrote about Rector previously. As Governor, Clinton signed that execution. Bill Clinton was indeed very tough on crime, and, again, especially tough on black Americans, as Michelle Alexander details over at The Nation.

(8) Just like Hillary says we are not ready for single-payer, Bill allegedly called super delegates in 2008 to subtly pitch the idea that America was not ready for a black President. They will be proven wrong twice.

(9) The Clintons wanted you to believe Obama was a “fairy tale” and not a “progressive who gets things done.” They and their supporters want to spread similar lies of unelectability and a pie-in-the-sky idealism for Bernie Sanders and his platform. They will be proven wrong twice.

(10) The Clintons wanted you to believe Obama was a “talker” and not a “doer”, much like all the talking of Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t get the job done until a “doer” like LBJ signed laws. Along with being dismissive of Dr. King, such thoughts reveal how Hillary Clinton thinks of politics: nothing matters unless people at the top say so. This is the domestic realpolitik which guides the market-oriented thinking of our entire culture. Coupled with the foreign realpolitik, it is an ideology of “movers and shakers”, elites and corporate players, royalty and privileged, dynastic families — groups which, you may notice, do not include any of us. The elitist attitude of Clinton allows her to cite as a mentor and idol, the war criminal, Henry Kissinger. Kissinger’s legacy of rampage and destabilization throughout the globe is glorious indeed: Hillary, in her time as Secretary of State, has had a hand in destabilizing merely Iraq, Syria, and Libya.

Contrast all of this with Bernie Sanders’ insistence that nothing matters unless we bring people together and take our country back, not with the approval of Wall Street and party elites, but in direct opposition to them.

The Clintons will attack women and black Americans based on gender and race when they need to, and then hide behind them when the situation calls for it. No one should be allowed to do either anymore.


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