Anaheim Police Department’s Daron Wyatt is on the wrong side of Saturday’s stabbings

Get a load of these disgusting comments from the Anaheim PD spokesperson, Sgt. Daron Wyatt, about what transpired Saturday in Anaheim, where the KKK and antifa counter-protesters were involved in a street fight that ended in stabbings and over a dozen arrests.

“This regrettable incident,” Wyatt begins, “was the result of approximately 10-20 individuals”, the counter-protesters, “who came to the park with the intent of perpetrating violence.”

And the KKK arrives into communities with the intent of doing what, exactly? Why did the KKK members show up preemptively armed with a knife and weaponized flag pole if they had no “intent of perpetrating violence”?

Am I to understand individuals who enter a community with weapons are there to defend themselves, but the counter-protesters, armed at first with fists and boots, and then making due with impromptu posts, and who would not have been at the park at all if the KKK was not there, are the aggressors? Is this the position of the Anaheim Police Department?

Why then, with such a predictable outcome, were the police not mobilized in defense of the KKK before it arrived?

Wyatt says it is because the KKK “did not want to spend the money”. Apparently, the Anaheim police believe it is inappropriate for them to do their job of protecting the community from the KKK — and, as they note, vice versa — unless someone pays them out-of-pocket first. Tax-payer money just isn’t enough.

Wyatt goes on: “Of those arrested, only one is a resident of Anaheim. The remainder came from other cities and counties to insert themselves into the situation.”

“Insert themselves into the situation”? You mean, like Charles Edward Donner, the KKK member who showed up to this event with a knife and stabbed three people, but was released without charges, and who resides in San Francisco? Was he also “inserting himself into the situation”?

The Anaheim PD believes provincialism is an argument for protesters to stick to their own communities. KKK members, on the other hand, are allowed to demonstrate inter-communal solidarity.

Sgt. Daron Wyatt, by the way, shot an unarmed man in 2009 at point-blank range over a narcotics stop. He was also involved in allegedly coercing an untrue confession from a man during an interrogation. The interrogation tapes, which could have offered proof one way or the other, were “accidentally erased” and the former detective had “forgot to make DVD copies.”

To be clear, I believe the KKK should be allowed to march and distribute its propaganda. I have even shared images of their flyers here, at this blog, in order to educate people about their message. I do not believe that opposition to the KKK is derived from ignorance of it, or from protecting people from its views. And the right to free speech always involves a corollary: the right to listen. People have a right to hear the KKK and decide for themselves.

Besides, the KKK is a marginal group, widely detested and hated, even by white Americans. There are much more dangerous groups dedicated to racial violence acting today; dangerous because Americans grant them legitimacy and more readily forgive, excuse, and justify their violence, with much worse results for communities of color.


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